Custom Microfabrication

DRIE: Deep Silicon Microfabrication

Biomedical and

Silicon V-Grooves and Silicon
Optical Benches

Micromachined Silicon
Capacitive Sensors

Silicon and Silicon Nitride Membranes

R&D, Prototypes,
MEMS Foundry
and Custom Manufacturing

Capacitive sensors based on fixed and variable-area silicon membranes are useful for extended-range
pressure and acoustic sensing applications.

Our inductively-coupled plasma deep reactive ion etcher is used in fabricating biomedical
devices for testing and life sciences research.
Custom microfabrication of medical implants, microfluidic devices such as lab-on-a-chip
platforms, biohazard test devices, and
medical test and drug delivery systems.
Silicon v-grooves and silicon optical benches are used for precise alignment of optical fibers and microlenses. These components are widely used in fiber-optic telecommunications and fiber-coupled diode lasers.

Silicon and silicon nitride membranes are used in microfabricated sensors, microsieves, calibration and microscopy grids, TEM windows and sensing arrays.

We handle microfabrication jobs of varying
sizes and scopes, from R&D, to small-lot
prototypes, to volume manufacturing.


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Last update: March 2012 - Nanostructures, Inc. provides custom microfabrication and MEMS foundry services for biomedical, telecommunications, and industrial sensor applications. Since 1987, Nanostructures has worked with customers from initial design concept to prototype manufacture. Nanostructures provides a full spectrum of services to accommodate our customers in any step of their product development.

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